R.L. Hasenpflug & Associates focuses on four areas of service to our clients – business planning, international business, financial management, and non-profit organizations. No matter the size or stage of development of your company -- startup, mid-sized or long-established -- we provide our clients personalized services tailored to their specific needs.


Although few businesses succeed without a clear vision and at least a rudimentary business plan, many businesspeople find the planning process overwhelming. At R.L. Hasenpflug & Associates, we work with our clients to articulate their core vision or strategy, then help them develop the plans needed to meet their goals.

The first and often most important step is to analyze the markets or other environments within which you are operating. If properly done, this analysis can lead directly to new insights and strategies. R.L. Hasenpflug & Associates brings its unique perspectives to the process, perspectives based on 40 years of experience in a wide range of industries and countries.

Whether you need a formal plan for your bank or potential investors, or simply want to take a fresh look at your marketing, supply chain, or other operations, we will work with you to develop a plan that implements your vision. We can guide you through the planning process, facilitate your planning meetings, and otherwise support your efforts to transform your dreams into plans that will work.

To learn more about our approach to real-world business planning, please refer to our white paper on Real World Business Plans.


Whether we like it or not, today’s business environment is an international environment. Even if you don’t sell or source overseas, the chances are you have competitors who do. International markets can be the key to success for even the smallest companies, and offshore sourcing in its various forms is vital to many industries today.

The unique aspects of international business fall into three groups. First is an understanding of international markets and the forces which drive them. Next are the technical aspects of international transactions: the mechanisms for selling, shipping, paying or collecting may be different than those you are accustomed to. But most importantly, successful businesses are based on personal relationships, and this is especially important outside of the United States. To do business internationally, you need to understand and respect the cultures of those you will work with. This does not mean compromising your own principals. But it does mean understanding the cultures and values of those you hope to do business with, and working within them whenever appropriate. 

At R.L. Hasenpflug & Associates, we understand international business and the importance of building strong multi-national relationships and teams. Let us bring our insights to your business.


The challenges of financial management during a period of change are usually unanticipated. Sudden sales growth, a planned expansion, an economic downturn, revamped supply chains, and other changes in a business or the business environment can catch even long-established businesses by surprise.

R.L. Hasenpflug & Associates understands the challenges and opportunities these changes can bring to your business. To learn how our years of experience in real-world financial planning and budgeting can help your business, call today for a free consultation.


Due to the interest and experience of its founder, R.L. Hasenpflug & Associates takes a special interest in working with not-for-profit organizations of all sizes and types. It is our strongly held belief that the basic principals that make for-profit businesses successful are equally important for non-profits. These include a clearly defined vision, clear understandings of both the needs of the community to be served and the motivations of potential funding sources, good governance and team building, and a well-thought out plan for achieving clearly defined goals.

Whether you are a community activist with a vision anxious to get started, or an established not-for-profit organization looking for ways to expand your funding and mission, we would be pleased to talk to you to see how we can help. 

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